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 FSO 5/23/08

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PostSubject: FSO 5/23/08   Thu May 22, 2008 1:29 pm

Quote :

FIGHTER SWEEP, C-1 (7-10 Spit Vs; SQUADRON; (+) Precision; Departs, A-6):

TASK: Conduct a high altitude fighter sweep to A-71 along Route C-1, after bombers clear Target the squadron escorts bombers during egress.

PURPOSE: These sweeps are to engage the enemy fighters over the respective targets to achieve local air superiority over the targets. This is accomplished by engaging the enemy fighter and either destroy them, force them to a lower (Non-Bomber ) altitude or make them re-arm/re-fuel while the bombers make their bomb runs. The intent is for the fighter sweeps to find the CAP and get them engaged.

ENDSTATE: The enemy fighters are out of position at the time of the bomb-runs and the fighter sweeps exit the battle space with the outbound bombers.

the graphics are a stupid pdf, but "route C1" is a line between A6 and A71
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FSO 5/23/08
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