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PostSubject: 8/9/08   Sat Aug 09, 2008 2:36 pm

ahh hellya curnutte kickin ass again!

Quote :

USN stats:
Pilots: 250 Kills: 115 Assists: 88
Objects Destroyed: 118 Deaths: 140 Landed: 58
Bailed: 21 Captured: 40 Crashed: 15
Ditched: 11 Disco'd: 13
Top Pilots: Objects Destroyed
Curnutte ((+)precision): 16
Fearles (HellCat Fighter Group): 13
Pollock (HellCat Fighter Group): 12
kvuo75 ((+)precision): 11
NvMe31st (31st Fighter Group !): 9
WASTER07 (VF-6 Kampfer Schwadron): 7
Sidious (Nightmares VMF-101): 6
Top Pilots: Kills
fireplug (325th Checkertails VFG): 8
Joker1 (The Damned): 5
Selino30 (Righteous Vengeance): 4
spIVeyCH (~364th FG C-HAWKS): 4
VALDALS (Righteous Vengeance): 4
1pLUs44 (880 Sqn Fleet Air Arm): 4
WwM (~~~FATE~~~): 3
Top Squads: Objects Destroyed
(+)precision: 27
HellCat Fighter Group: 25
VF-6 Kampfer Schwadron: 15
Top Squads: Kills
~364th FG C-HAWKS: 20
325th Checkertails VFG: 14
Righteous Vengeance: 11
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1st Lt.
1st Lt.

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PostSubject: Re: 8/9/08   Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:20 pm

Hells Ya! Way to get (+) on the boards. Looks like why I was busy drinking, you were busy kick'n ars'!
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PostSubject: OhHHH YESSS   Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:26 pm

See what can be done and we had smaller numbers , I had a blast it was boring for 45 minutes then BOOM all hell broke loose and in we went . I believe Marc;s
tactic of going in to target in the middle of the mob is a good one . It gives you time to see whats going down and act accordingly to the situation at hand . I really think we did well but it was a long flight to target . And we showed again that we are tops in objects destroyed . Maybe the CIC's will take notice of that fact.
Good Job Guys Nutte cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: 8/9/08   

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