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 Squad Funds

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PostSubject: Squad Funds   Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:36 am

Posted as ordered by Squadron Leader Yarbles 23/11/08

Squad Funds
I as the squad financial officer have the following report to make . We have in our coffers as of now $ 126.50 in profits from t-shirt sales which is to be used as needed for squad members fees , development of new shirts , or any item that may need to be paid by the squad .
We also have $ 173.00 in allocated funds for the issue of more shirts and for fees of items that need to be made of squad members who have already purchased items ( ie. Hoodies ) and etc. that are in current production .
In regard to the shirts rank will no longer be put on shirts as we have to much to print individually and the cost is prohibitive at this time . I am working with Saffron and Medic as to the ideas of the new art work for the next series of Precision shirts this will take a bit of time . However we will print the original style once again so as to ensure all members get one of the first runs available . This does well for the squad in relation to making money for squad use and will be continued as it is for the future and for prosperity of the squad as a group.
Plaques will continue to made with the addition of the squad members ( handle ) cut into them , also the fees for this item will be $ 10.00 plus shipping . These fees go into the squad fund also and can be cut out of Stainless Steel or possibly Naval Bronze.( see prior posts here for a look at the item )
This will conclude my report for this month .
Thank You Nutte
This was also posted on our AH forums sites . But this will do here . study
And we should probably have a private squad use area on our web page for us please ( My2 ) could we!
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Squad Leader
Squad Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Squad Funds   Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:20 am

Thanks for doing a good job of up dating everyone on the financial situation. cheers

As CO maybe I should be the one to say we also agreed we will offer anyone currently who falls on hard times 2 months subscription fees. It is not going to solve anyones problems but it ia gesture we can offer to show our solidarity in difficult times. sunny
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1st Lt.
1st Lt.

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PostSubject: Re: Squad Funds   Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Squad Funds   

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Squad Funds
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